Michal Kadlec
Global Battlefield Experience
Shooting Fundamentals
Basic Manipulation
Shooting Dynamics
Defense Tactics
Performance Shooting
Competetive Shooting
Situational Awareness
Functional Fitness

Welcome! I am thrilled to have this opportunity to introduce myself to you.

My name is Michal Kadlec, and I am a former Special Forces (SF) operator, instructor and commanding officer (CO) with extensive experience spanning over 25 years. Throughout my career, I have honed my skills, refined my expertise, and faced numerous challenges in some of the most demanding environments all around the world.

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I have always embraced the value of continuous growth and development. Each experience, whether in training or on the battlefield, has contributed to my vast knowledge and skill set. It is this dedication to learning that has allowed me to adapt to evolving situations and stay at the forefront of the field.

Beyond my military background, I am also an IPSC competitive shooter, consistently challenging myself to excel in self-defense and tactical shooting. This pursuit of excellence has not only refined my skills but also taught me the importance of discipline, focus, and attention to detail.

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Additionally, I am a passionate athlete, recognizing the importance of physical fitness and mental resilience in high-pressure situations. Maintaining peak physical condition has always been essential to my performance, allowing me to perform at the highest level and overcome obstacles with confidence.

As a leader, I have had the privilege of leading and mentoring individuals in high-stress environments. Guiding and supporting my team members has always been a priority, ensuring their growth and success while accomplishing our mission objectives. The values of integrity, loyalty, and dedication are the pillars upon which I have built my leadership philosophy.

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I am excited to share my experiences, knowledge, and insights with you through this platform. Whether you are seeking information, guidance, or simply want to connect, I am here to engage and contribute to your journey!

Best Regards,
Michal 'Mike' Kadlec